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Webinar: Building your Digital Strategy for 2019

What should you do first to ensure you have a solid digital strategy for 2019? Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the digital marketing waters for your wine brand or you’re ready to expand efforts you have running, we will share how to get started this year. You’ll learn how other marketers have used online marketing and advertising tools to promote their businesses, and how you can connect with customers on your website and digital channels or get them into the tasting room.

In addition to an overview of key digital marketing concepts, we’ll cover how to build a digital marketing plan by setting goals to measure success against your business’ specific objectives. You will take home:

  • Ways to come up with fresh ideas to cut through clutter

  • Best practices for getting visitors to interact with your website and take action

  • Options for emails to send to your subscribers

  • Simple steps to create a social media content calendar

  • A list of online advertising channels that drive DTC