Success stories


Industry: Ad tech & marketing

Challenge: Improve SEO during website relaunch


  • Led SEO efforts that yielded more traffic and improved user experience and engagement.

  • Ensured messaging consistency throughout all stages of customer journey from ad campaigns to website SEO content optimization that increased on-site conversions (i.e. contact forms) 135% year-over-year.

Paid Social, paid search & Display

Industry: Business & marketing software

Background: Company's differentiator is the seamless integration with their parent company's well-known software solution. We discovered that if we make that connect for customers, then we are very well positioned when they are ready to buy.

Challenge: Brand awareness for their solution was very low, therefore, traditional paid media tactics consistently underperformed.

Solution: Target the parent company's customers who have demonstrated an interest in us by engaging with our brand or content, but have not turned into a sales opportunity in our CRM.

Execution: Tested this audience targeting tactic in paid search, display banners and paid social media, taking a test vs. control methodology.

“The more you know about your next customer, the more effective your message can be”


Multi-channel marketing

Industry: B2B software

Challenge: Needed to expand digital presence globally with more visibility in local markets and traffic to website that will convert to sales


  • Conducted keyword research to build new SEO-optimized content to attract net new visitors

  • Social and search listening used

  • Implemented multichannel digital marketing efforts (social, search, display)

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