Modern Digital was born from the relentless focus of like-minded marketers who are passionate about bringing businesses into the modern age of digital marketing – pushing the status quo while putting their customers first. The channels, tactics and practices Modern Digital relies on represents the future of digital and online marketing.  Brands that come along for the ride will be among these modern marketers!  

Founded in Sonoma County, we’ve supported local businesses and large international companies alike with their digital marketing and online advertising.  Over the past 12+ years, the team at Modern Digital has worked with some of today's most recognized brands – and those who hope to be.  We've provided advice and supported digital marketing, online advertising, demand generation, and growth marketing.  Balancing execution and strategy experience, we've run holistic web marketing and digital campaigns end-to-end.  Our team has experience in digital and online marketing focused on channels such as paid search, SEO, display, paid and organic social media, and more.  And we have proven results generating revenue and brand awareness for small and large brands. 

Going forward, Modern Digital has a mission to enable more marketers watch their ideas come to life through digital channels!

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